Diamond Crown for Grinder
Diamond Crown 35 mm

All about Diamond Crown for Grinder
Diamond Crown 35 mm

  • Dry cutting diamond core bits with M14 insert for use with grinders.
  • Diamond set with Vacuum brazed technology: vacuum brazed, which increases diamond retention, giving the crown greater resistance to friction and heat.
  • Dry cutting, without the need to wet the surface to be drilled or to refrigerate it during the process.
  • Specially designed for drilling Stoneware, porcelain materials and ceramics, they also have excellent performance in drilling high hardness natural stones such as marble or granite.
  • For small diameters (<12 mm) it is recommended to lubricate the crown with wax, to protect it from heat and increase its useful life.
  • To extend the life of the crown and obtain a better finish, it is recommended to use grinders with a speed regulator.
    The larger the crown, the higher rpm the grinder should have.
  • To drill, it is recommended to start with an attack angle of 30º-45º and carry out oscillating movements to make the most of the bit and reduce localized wear and overheating.
  • Once the drilling is finished, the grinder must be stopped without removing it from the hole and wait until the crown has completely stopped before moving the grinder, to avoid accidents with the remains of the drilling. Once the grinder has stopped, the remaining material must be removed from the crown.

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Diamond Crown for Grinder
Diamond Crown 35 mm


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