stayer: quality guarantee

Quality control starts with the selection of components within different suppliers that offer the highest record and quality indexes over time, and it is extended through out the various production phases, until the product is finally packaged.

In each phase, the different components are tested, with special emphasis on those that are subject to greater stress and effort during in their operation. The resistance to continuous work without maintenance and the durability of each machine is highly valued. Like wise, the technical characteristics of each machine are monitored through the continuous measurement of elements such as the power of the motors, the drilling capacity on all types of materials, the tightening torque or the percussion power.

However, no test is more reliable than the control performed by our technicians and collaborators who agree to carry out our tests, simply subjecting them to extreme use in the hardest working conditions. Only after having passed the tests Stayer give its tools a go-ahead or, otherwise, it will incorporate the appropriate improvements in quality, functionality or ergonomics.


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