MMA 110V

All about MMA 110V

  • Inverter welding equipment for electric arc welding of all kind of coated electrodes SMAW.
  • Ready for special GTAW TIG welding by the use of tungsten electrodes in an inert atmosphere.
  • Suitable for all types of jobs, including severe service, maintenance, construction and DIY.
  • Unmatched performance at its price level: 140A at 100% Duty Cycle tested under 40ºC thanks to the latest generation of IGBTs with Eoff = 0.37mJ, no load voltage = 77Vdc.
  • Incorporates professional cooling system with thermal stability and maximum performance in its category.
  • Silent fan operating only when needed. Less noise, less dirt inside
  • Easy welding, even for inexperienced users, thanks to the STAYER WELDING intelligent control that includes the Hot Start, Arc Force and Anti Stick advantages to optimize the initial priming of the arc, improves the stability during the welding process and prevents the electrode from sticking in case of miss of mismanagement.
  • Equipment fully prepared for safe use with stabilized generators.
  • Solid construction in accordance with European specifications 2011/65 / EU, 2014/35 / EU, 2014/30 / EU and IEC 60974.
  • Maximum power density: the lightest equipment in its category: only 2 kg of weight.
  • Different response algorithms depending on the instantaneous process situation thanks to the proprietary STAYER software.
  • Exceptional quality of work, facilitating superior execution to users even without any training.
  • Adaptive responses (higher than the lineal analogic) according to the power curve to ensure the best performance both at maximum and minimum power without sacrificing any amperage range.
  • Advanced digital control with powerful 32-bit microprocessor, RTOS and STAYER exclusive software
  • Equipment fully prepared for safe use with stabilized generators.
  • Power cable. 1.8m x 3 mm²
  • Ground cable with clamps. 1.5m x 14 mm²
  • Electrode cable with clamps. 1.5m x 14 mm²
  • Hammer with brush
  • Carry belt
  • Aluminium case

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  • Output current (A)140 A
  • voltage110 V
  • Generator5 – 10 KVA
  • Max. Electrode 4 mm
  • Weight2 Kg
  • Dimensions26 x 15 x 11 cm
  • DINSE connector3/8″ (10-15)

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