S 400 T

S 400 T

  • Very robust and reliable industrial welding equipment for service in environments high demand. Suitable for any type of coated electrode.
  • Welding of electrodes up to 8mm of all types, including aluminum and cellulosic
  • Benefits can be expertly adjusted by professionals for optimal performance in both Arc Force and Hot Start.
  • Easy to use, it has anti stick (prevents the electrode from sticking) configured automatically by the STAYER software.
  • High Quality: Robust double structure 100% metal for severe service including wheels, braces and anchors in steel profile.
  • Equipment designed and manufactured in accordance with European regulations 2014/35/EU, 2014/30/EU and 2011/65/EU, which guarantee a solid construction and safety of use.
  • Prepared for use with a stabilized generator, given its input range of tension of +/-17%.
  • Current400 A
  • voltage3 ph: 400
  • Duty Cycle60%
  • Electrodes1.6 – 8 mm
  • Generator8 – 20 KVA / 230V ±17%
  • Weight20 Kg
  • Dimensions48 x 37 x 23 cm
  • DINSE connector1/2 (35 – 50)” ø
  • Cable de alimentación2m x 4 mm²
  • Cable + Pinza de masa5m – 35 mm²
  • Cable + Pinza electrodo5m – 35 mm²
  • Cod.1.1750

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S 400 T


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