AGR 125 L20

AGR 125 L20

  • 125 mm angle grinder with 18V battery.
  • Paddle switch safety switch. When the switch is tripped, an electric flip system stops the disc in less than 2 seconds. This avoids possible accidents should the operator drop the tool.
  • Safety clutch that reduces the reaction in case of jamming or stopping. This protects the user from being pulled in and injuring himself.
  • Adjustable handle on both sides and on the head, narrow ergonomic grip, for greater comfort.
  • STAYER Li-ion HGH-TECH, L20 battery with protec- tion against overcharging, battery discharge, overhea- ting, short-circuit. LED charge indicator.
  • Optimal cooling system to reduce overheating and extend the time of use.
  BATERÍA_peque ENCHUFE_peque BOLSA_peque COD
AGR125 L20 X X X 1.3099
AGR125 L2014  1 X  4.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.3100
AGR125 L2024 2 X  4.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.3102
AGR125 L2015  1 X  5.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.3101
AGR125 L2025  2 X  5.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.3103
AGR125 L2026  2 X  6.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.3289
  • Lithium battery voltage18 V
  • Battery capacity4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0 Ah
  • No load speed10000 rpm
  • Battery charge time60 min
  • Disc diameterØ 125 mm
  • Spindle thread14 M
  • Weight1.8 Kg
  • Cod.1.3099

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AGR 125 L20


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