TD 355 B

All about CHAP SAW
TD 355 B

ø315 mm. Widia Chop Saw for metal


  • Iron cast base
  • Depth stop adjustment
  • Workpiece position from -15º up to +45º
  • Transport lock
  • quick lock vice
  • Cutting angle from 0º – 45º
  • TGC Widia Disc, Sandwich teeth
    • Ø 355×3.0×25.4 mm Z72
    • Cod. 12.660
    • Over 10 times better performance over other widia discs
  • Power absorbed in load2200 W
  • No load speed1500 rpm
  • Blade sizeØ355×3.0x25.4 mm
  • Weight22 Kg
  • Cutting capacity at 90º profiles and solid– mm
  • -Circular (90º)Ø 130 mm
  • -Square (90º)120 x 120 mm
  • -Rectangular (90º)95 x 180 mm
  • -Profile (90º)120 x 120
  • Cutting capacity at 45º profiles and solid– mm
  • -Circular (45º)ø130 mm
  • -Square (45º)80 x 80 mm
  • -Rectangular (45º)78 x 110 mm
  • -Profile (45º)80×80

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TD 355 B


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