• Electronic equipment for high quality and high-performance MMA welding by means of a coated electrode:
    basic, high performance cellulose, INOX and rutile.
  • Suitable for all types of work in maintenance, construction and metal structures.
  • In addition to classic power configuration, handling only the output amps for coated electrodes this equipment includes 2 advanced professional functions:
    1. Advanced configuration of the pulsed welding process with coated electrode. Allows to easily weld thin
      thicknesses and in demanding positions such as vertical, on heads and tubes (all ASME 3G, 4G and 5G).
      This is possible thanks to the pulsed arc system in which a base current is used to keep the arc stable and a peak current for drop contribution. According to work, the base, peak, percentage of time of each phase and frequency of work are adjusted.
    2. Configuration of the type of electrode that guarantees optimum welding with rutile, basic, cellulosic, aluminium, stainless steel, cast iron, high performance, etc. Being an external configuration, the professional can externally adjust the type of true response regardless of the pre-configured theoretical values.
  • Capable of special TIG welding by tungsten electrode in an inert atmosphere.
  • Easy welding, even for inexperienced users, thanks to the intelligent STAYER WELDING control that includes the Hot Start, Arc Force and Anti Stick advantages to optimize the initial priming of the arc, improve its stability during welding and prevent the electrode from sticking by mishandling.
  • Mechanical robustness against bumps and falls. Internal anti-shock structure.
  • Solid construction according to European specifications 2011/65 / EU, 2014/35 / EU, 2014/30 / EU and EN / IEC 60974.
  • Oversized design for maximum robustness, top quality components and pure copper in transformers and cables.
  • The best components: Software control by high-end MCU, ON-OFF switch oversized to 63 A; 600GB IGBT fast switches; Double diode bridge and oversized soft start AC power relay; microprocessor with high performance programming, high-end PWM modulator based on UC3846. Single HF power transformer, with double super-cooled toroidal core.
  • Includes VRD device, which reduces the vacuum voltage from 76Vdc to 9Vdc for jobs that are required by safety
    regulations under output voltage without load.
  • Prepared to work with generators.
  • Power cable: 3m x 2,5mm²
  • Ground cable with clamps: 2m x 25mm²
  • Electrode holder cable: 2m x 25mm²

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  • Ouput current (A)200 A
  • Vontage230 V
  • Generator3-8 KVA
  • Duty cycle60 %
  • Electrode Max.6 mm
  • Weight6 Kg
  • Dimensions34/42 x 14 x 30 cm
  • DINSE Connector1/2 (16-35)

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