IW L20

IW L20

  • 18V cordless impact wrench, with a powerful 887 motor & an adjustable 400Nm tightening torque.
  • 5 tightening torque settings: 100 / 150 / 200 / 300 / 400 Nm.
  • Reversible to easily screw and unscrew without lifting the finger from the trigger.
  • STAYER Li-ion HIGH-TECH Battery, from the L20 Series with overload, battery discharge, overheating and short circuit protections. LED battery level charge.
  • Motor 887 solid construction with hard metal planetary gears.
  • Ideal for vehicle wheels assembly, as well as construction scaffolds & structures directly screwed on concrete or wood.
  • Safe and comfortable use thanks to the soft antivibrations handle and gearbox case.
  • Electronic brake and safety clutch to avoid accidents caused by excesive yanking while screwing.


  BATERÍA_peque ENCHUFE_peque BOLSA_peque COD
IW L20 X X X 1.2209
IW L2012 SET 1 X  4.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.2528
IW L2014 SET 1 X  4.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.2458
IW L2024 SET 2 X 4.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.2215
IW L2025 SET 2 X 5.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.2500


  • Lithium battery voltage18
  • Battery capacity2.0 /4.0 /5.0 ah
  • No load speed0-2300 rpm
  • Impacts0-3200 ipm
  • Insertion1/2″ F .
  • Battery charge time60 min
  • Tightening torque100 / 150 / 200 / 300 / 400
  • Weight1.9 Kg

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IW L20


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