Flashlight/Power Bank
FL 700

All about Flashlight/Power Bank
FL 700

  • Flashlight with built-in 3.7V battery, with a light capacity equivalent to 7W LED, and a USB port for mobile charging.
  • Various lighting modes with different power settings to adapt to all types of situations and needs:
    • Focused beam mode 3W
    • Total area illumination mode 7W
    • Normal area illumination mode 3W
  • Rotatable and foldable multifunctional support that allows using the flashlight in various ways:
    • Handle for handheld use
    • Tripod for placing it on flat surfaces
    • Magnet for attaching it to shelves and scaffolding
    • Hook for hanging it on shelves
  • USB-C port for using it as a mobile charger or power bank.
  • Between 3 and 6 hours of uninterrupted light depending on the selected lighting mode.
  • Lightweight and compact design measuring 112 x 104 x 52 mm and weighing 460g.
  • Battery Voltage 3.7 V
  • Battery Capacity4.4 Ah
  • LED Power 3 – 7W
  • Luminous Intensity250 – 700 lm
  • Battery Duration3 – 6 horas
  • Charging PortUSB – C
  • Lighting Modes 3
  • Weight 460 g
  • Cod.1.3032

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Flashlight/Power Bank
FL 700


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