CP 236

All about CIRCULAR SAW ø235 mm
CP 236


  • Professional circular saw with ø235 mm blade, boasting a powerful 2000W motor, specially designed for cutting panels and laminates.
  • Robust cast aluminum structure, balancing lightweight with durability.
  • Bevel cutting capability, tiltable up to 45º with a cutting depth of up to 58 mm.
  • Adjustable cutting depth, providing a maximum depth of 85 mm at 90º.
  • Includes adjustable side guide for straight and precise cuts.
  • Aluminum base equipped with a 29cm ruler for measuring the length of the cut.
  • Dual grip for increased safety and precision during cutting.
  • Features a suction adapter for connecting the tool to an external vacuum.


        It includes:

  • Side cutting guide
  • Widia disk of ø235 x 30 mm
  • Power input2000 W
  • Disc diameterø235 x 30 mm
  • No load speed4500 rpm
  • Cutting capacity at 90º 85 mm
  • Cutting depth at 45º60 mm
  • Weight8.8 Kg
  • Cod.1.5916

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CP 236


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