CP L20

CP L20

  • 18V cordless circular saw with a ø165mm widia disc, for wood cutting.
  • Suitable for different materials depending no the used disc: wood, laminate, chipboard, PVC, methacrylate & aluminum.
  • Compact & lightweight: double ergonomic handle, safety lock and 3.2kg weight, thanks to the aluminum
    base, for a maximum comfort when cutting.
  • Precission cuts: Laser guide and lateral guide included to guarantee die cuts.
  • STAYER Li-ion HIGH-TECH Battery, from the L20 Series with overload, battery discharge, overheating and short circuit protections. LED battery level charge.
  • Tiltable up to 45º with cutting depth regulation.
  • Great cutting capacity at 90º up to 54mm.
  • Ready for dust extraction conecting the tool to a vacuum cleaner.
  • Safety lock switch to avoid unintended activations and accidents.
  • ø165×20 Z24 widia disc for wood
  BATERÍA_peque ENCHUFE_peque BOLSA_peque COD
CP L20 X X X 1.2232
CP L2012 SET 1 X  2.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.2533
CP L2014 SET 1 X  4.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.2534
CP L2022 SET 2 X 2.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.2236
CP L2024 SET 2 X 4.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.2419


  • Lithium battery voltage18 V
  • Battery capacity2.0 / 4.0 /5.0 AH
  • No load speed4200 min-1
  • Disc diameter165 mm
  • Cutting capacity at 90º 54 mm
  • Cutting depth at 45º35 mm
  • Weight3.2 Kg

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CP L20


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