CG L20 + Sausages

All about SILICONE GUN 18V
CG L20 + Sausages

  • Cords of uniform thickness and consistency. The tool is prepared to be able to adapt to the characteristics of the adhesive material contained in the tube.
  • Anti-drip system when stopping the tool.
  • Electronic speed regulator with 6 levels.
  • Switch with safety lock.
  • Switch with power regulator by pressure.
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle.
  • Especially suitable for long-term tasks with materials of high viscosity and thickness.
  • Designed for work in glassware, assemblies, automotive, tiling and work with all types of glass panes

   It Includes:

    Sausages catridge.

  BATERÍA_peque ENCHUFE_peque BOLSA_peque COD
CG L20 + Sausages catridge 1 X  2.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.3518
CG L2012 + Sausages catridge 1 X  2.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.3167
CG L2022 + Sausages catridge 2 X  2.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.3168
CG L2014 + Sausages catridge 1 X 4.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.3169
CG L2014 + Sausages catridge 2 X  4.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.3170
  • Max. feed force5000 N
  • Feeding speed0.7 / 11 mm/s
  • Max. tube capacity310/600 ml
  • Weight2 kg
  • Cod.1.3518

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CG L20 + Sausages


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