SS L12 / SS 122 k

SS L12 / SS 122 k

  • Compact 12V cordless reciprocating saw. Specially designed to be used with one hand.
  • Lightweight and powerful, specially meant for prunning and plumbering jobs.
  • For branch prunning, soft woods, drywall, metal sheets and profiles as well as PVC pipes.
  • Cutting speed controlled by trigger for a maximum accuracy and safety.
  • LED worklight for dark work places, increasing safety and accuracy.
  • Universal blade insertion with a quick blade change system
  • x1 Prunning saw
  • x1 Wood saw
  • x1 Metal saw


  BATERÍA_peque ENCHUFE_peque PE-HD_pequeño COD
SS L12K X X X 1.2549
SS 122K 2 x 2.0 AH TICK_peque TICK_peque 1.2548


  • Lithium battery voltage12V
  • No load speed0-3000
  • Blade displacement13 mm
  • Max wood cutting capacity150 mm
  • Max metal profiles cutting capacity70 mm
  • Max PVC tubes cutting capacity100 mm
  • Weight1 Kg

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SS L12 / SS 122 k


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