S 250 DV

S 250 DV

  • Heavy duty service
  • Automatic change of 230/400V input voltage
  • External Arc Force ncremental setting
  • Four wheels
  • Electronic equipment for all kind of coated electrode, including cellulosic and aluminium.
  • Versatile: suitable to work with a single-phase at 400V and 230V.
  • Designed for special TIG welding by using tungsten inert atmosphere.
  • Professional arc striking through neat LIFT ARC procedure.
  • Suitable for all kind of production and heavy-duty service work where a maximum quality welding is required.
  • Incomparable performance at its price range: 250A at 60% duty cycle and no-load speed = 72Vdc.
  • Easy welding even for inexperienced users. Includes STAYER WELDING which consists of: Hot Start (quick arc-starting), Arc Force (to keep the arc continuum), and Anti-Stick (to avoid stuck electrodes). Therefore, there will be an optimization of the initial arc striking in order to boost its stability while welding, plus, will avoid stuck electrode cause by a wrong usage.
  • Perfectly prepared equipment for a safe usage with stabilized generators. Bears +17% voltage surges.
  • Solid construction outweighing the European specifications: 2011/65/EU, 2014/35/EU, 2014/30/EU & IEC 60974.
  • High-quality components: includes hyper fast 600V IGBT commuters and a high-range logic control systems.
  • Toroidal transformer with physical inductance. Massive 8×560 °F rectifier and top brands components (Philips, Motorola, Ixys).
  • Mains input cable. Pure copper. 2 m x 6 mm².
  • Electrode clamp and cable. Pure copper. 2 m x 25 mm².
  • Ground clamp and cable. Pure copper. 2 m x 25 mm².

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  • Output current (A) 400V250A
  • Output current (A) 230V200A
  • voltage1 ph:400v / 230v
  • Generator8 KVA
  • Duty cycle60 %
  • Max.Electrode 6 mm
  • Weight18 Kg
  • DINSE Connector1/2 “

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S 250 DV


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