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MIG 250 C M /MIG 250 C T

All about MIG/MAG
MIG 250 C M /MIG 250 C T

  • Inverter machine for welding wire, covered electrode (rod) and TIG.
  • Versatile: prepared for TIG welding and rod MMA welding with adaptive Arc Force, Hot start and Anti Stick.
  • Synergic control with computer-controlled machine. Optimized menus for very easy use, even for no experience users.
  • Easy and quick to change polarity for flux core wire.
  • Easy way to configure machine by simple menus monitored by MCU.
  • Modern visual display high resolution and large size, for easy viewing and adjustment of status of the machine.
  • Dual inverter technology, without heavy transformers: light and powerful with only 42kg for 250 A at 60%.
  • Solid manufacture under european regulations 2011/65/EU, 2014/35/EU, 2014/30/EU and IEC 60974.
  • Complete programming of all welding parameters, with simple menus.
  • Ready for all kind of triphasic stabilized generators 3 X 400. Withstand voltage deviations between 330 – 460V.
  • Wire feeder traction mechanism with 60W powerful engine. Includes roller cylinders of 0.6mm, 0.8mm y 1.0mm wire.
  • Pure Copper power cable 2m x 2.5mm²
  • Pure Copper Land cable with clamps 3m x 25mm²
  • Pure Copper Electrode holder cable 3m x 25mm²
  • Internal wire feeder 15 kg
  • BINZEL Torch 25AK / 4m
  • 1 pc 0.8 -1.0
  • TorchBINZEL 25AK .
  • Current250 A
  • Voltage1×230/3×400 V
  • Generator11 KVA
  • Wire0.6-0.8-1.0_ mm
  • Coils5-15 Kg
  • Duty cycle60 %
  • Electrode 6 mm
  • Weight42 Kg
  • DINSE Terminal1/2 “
  • Dimensions70 x 32 x 90 cm

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MIG 250 C M /MIG 250 C T


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