PROGRESS 1700 PFC / 1700 PFC K

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PROGRESS 1700 PFC / 1700 PFC K

  • Multi-voltage inverter equipment (85-265Vac) with low consumption thanks to the PFC module and advanced technology.
  • PFC, Power Factor Correction for optimal use of current, greatly increasing electricity savings.
  • High quality and performance stick electrode welding, use with all types of electrodes, including aluminum.
  • Wide input range to be able to work on 110V and 230V networks, as well as withstand voltage drops and overvoltages, being suitable for use with a generator.
  • Connectable to long extension cords: 250mts – 4mm² section / 500mts – 6.0mm² section.
  • Configurable for enhanced use with generator, via panel control.
  • Possibility of activating the VRD function, voltage reduction in the no-load terminals to maintain safety in humid environments, according to IEC 60974.
  • Panel selectable TIG welding, to use TIG Lift Arc without contact with clean and quality starting.
  • Automatic fan control, avoiding noise and dirt.
  • Output current170 A
  • Voltage230 V
  • Duty Cycle 100%
  • Electrodes1.6 – 5 mm
  • Generator4 – 7 KVA / 230V ±27%
  • Dimensions38 x 24 x 13 cm
  • Weight6.4 kg
  • DINSE connector1/2 (35/50) ø
  • Power cord3m x 2.5 mm²
  • Cable + ground clamp2m x 25 mm²
  • Cable + electrode clamp2m x 25 mm²
  • Hammer / BrushIncluido
  • Cod.1.2542 / 1.1615

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PROGRESS 1700 PFC / 1700 PFC K


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