TIG AC / DC 200 H F

All about TIG RANGE
TIG AC / DC 200 H F

  • Severe-service Inverter welding equipment for TIG 200-315A at 40% duty cycle, designed for maximum quality industrial TIG. Focused on INOX, aluminium, alloys and all kind of steel works.
  • Highly productive: all the control and configuration potential are possible due an easy and intuitive microprocessor-controlled menu. Includes professional prime HF-HV functions (high-frequency/high-voltage) 2T/4T, optional mode control in DC, modes control in AC, pulsed mode, ramps and gas control, gas flow and post-flow control and pulsed welding mode, with and without repetition 
  • Includes a special connector (mo.315) to set an amperage control pedal for TIG professional welding. Optional.
  • Able for coated electrode welding by setting it up from the menu.
  • Includes double reactor for an exact alternating aluminium welding current production.
  • High-quality: heavy plate covering double 100% metal structure. Non-stop industrial productivity. Industrial and military range components and pieces including EMI filter, main transformer with a medium socket for a higher performance and unique 800V/300A, C150/MURP200 IGBTS, secondary diodes and industrial rectifiers.
  • Main difference between 190 and 200 is that 190 is a professional type whereas the 200 is an industrial type.
  • Versatile: ready for electricity generator usage. Bears a 17% voltage rises and downs.
  • Power cable 3m x 2.5mm²
  • Cable with clamps 3m x 25mm²
  • Electrode holder cable 3m x 25mm²
  • Ergonomic torch SR17, TIG HF 3 x 16 mm²
  • TIG Torch Accesories 
    • 4 Noozles 
    • 3 electrode holders 
    • 2 electrode caps
  • Gas Hose

All accessories available in our catalogue.

  • Output current200 A
  • Voltage230 V
  • Generator6 KVA
  • Duty cycle60 %
  • Max. Electrode 6
  • Max. Electrode tungsten3.25
  • Weight27 Kg
  • DINSE Connector1/2 “
  • Cod.1.741

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TIG AC / DC 200 H F


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