LOM 130 3P

LOM 130 3P

  • Compact orbital sander with a 190W motor for wood and drywall sanding.
  • Specially designed to be comfortably used with only one hand to access difficult work areas.
  • Suitable for damp surfaces sanding.
  • Optimal refrigeration to increase the tool’s lifespan .
  • Ergonomic anti vibrations handle.
  • Special protection against dust on the plate and motor connection to increse the tool’s lifespan.
  • Double fixing system: clamps and reinforced exchangeable self adhering plates to avoid the sanding sheet
    breaking during the job.
  • Ready for dust extraction, the tool may be connected to a vacuum cleaner. Dust collecting bag included.
  • 3 self adhering plates included with an easy exchange system, with 8 dust extraction holes.
  • Rectangular plate (85 x 135 mm).
  • Delta plate (89 x 225 mm) for corners and difficut access areas.
  • Double face plate (Face A 85 x 200 mm) ( Face B 85 x 60 mm). The only plate on the market designed to sand in narrow spaces using both faces simultaneously, specially designed for wood blinds.
  • Dust collecting bag
  • 33 sanding sheets
    • 11 Rectangular plate 85 x 135 mm
      • 2 x P40
      • 3 x P60
      • 4 x P80
      • 2 x P120
    • 11 Delta plate 89 x 225 mm
      • 2 x P40
      • 3 x P60
      • 4 x P80
      • 2 x P120
    • Double face plate (Face A 85 x 200 mm) ( Face B 85 x 60 mm)
      • 3 x P60
      • 5 x P80
      • 3 x P120
  • Dust collecting bag
  • Power input190 W
  • No load speed11000 rpm
  • Orbit2 mm
  • Weight1.3 Kg

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LOM 130 3P


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