DWP 750

DWP 750

  • Submersible water pump with 750W motor for draining and pumping dirty water up to 35ºC.
  • Specially designed to pump water with sand, mud, debris and remains of leaves or plants.
  • Ideal for emptying swimming pools and pumping water in wells and springs. The bomb is ready
    for occasional work and to be installed at a fixed point and work stationary.
  • Prepared to work both perched on the bottom of the water and suspended by the handle.
  • Float switch specially designed to activate and deactivate the pump automatically. While the
    switch floats above the pump, the pump will run continuously. When the water level drops the
    switch lowers and deactivates the bomb to prevent it from burning.
  • Capable of pumping water 8 m high above the pump.
  • Prepared to submerge and pump up to 7 m deep.
  • Rotary pumping tube and equipped with different adapters for ø25 / 33 / 38 / 48 mm hoses
    to be able to adapt to different locations and all types of tubes and extraction hoses.
  • 10m long cable to be able to connect the pump safely away from the water.
  • Power750 W
  • Water flow12500 l/h
  • Working depth7 m
  • Maximum water pumping height8 m
  • Cable10 m
  • ProtectionIPX8
  • Weight4.6 kg
  • Cod.1.2861

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DWP 750


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