S 400 T

S 400 T

  • Heavy duty service
  • Professional external settings for Hot Start and Arc Force
  • High secondary power enables high productivity including arc gouging
  • Four wheels
  • Robust designed equipment for coated electrode welding on massively requested environments.
  • ighly productive: specially adjusted for an easy welding. Includes STAYER WELDING smart control, which consists of: Hot Start (quick arc-starting), Arc Force (to keep the arc continuum) and Anti-Stick (to avoid stuck electrodes).
  • High-quality: double 100% metal robust structure for a high-duty service, including wheels (in S250D/S400T models), strips and anchors on steel profiles.
  • Over dimensioned industrial and military pieces and components: parallelized bridges and relays, power capacitor and highrange IGBTs commutator, primary admission stages with massive filtering, high-voltage transformers with secondary winding core terminus, high voltage switches and 100% metal cast-iron structure.
  • Versatile: for an electricity generator usage. Bears up to a 17% voltage rises and downs.
  • Mains input cable. Pure copper. 2m x 6mm²
  • Electrode clamp and cable. Pure copper. 3m x 35mm²
  • Ground clamp and cable. Pure copper. 5m x 35mm²

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  • Output current (A)400 A
  • voltage3 ph: 400
  • Generator12 KVA
  • Duty Cycle60%
  • Max. Electrode 8 mm
  • Weight20 Kg
  • DINSE connector1/2

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S 400 T


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